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Kabocha Squash Muffins

  Entering a blustery first day of November, the rain was relentless today.  But towards the late afternoon, the sun peeked for a few hours among the black clouds.  The color of changing leaves looks so pretty.  I’ve been observing the red, yellow, and brown of the scenery and I felt that autumn is a […]

Lavender Scones

I read the other day about the summer days being over; what that meant was we’d say goodbye to barbecues, picnics, beach outings, tank tops, long vacation, and lazy days.  The list is certainly long, isn’t it?  But I get it  and I’m certainly sad about leaving summer as well.  Yet a few days ago […]

Double Chocolate Zucchini Bread

I found these zucchini in my parents’ garden Monday afternoon.  Two plants grew healthy this summer in the sunny patch and they’re starting to produce yields big enough to enjoy.  My mom couldn’t contain her excitement when she saw these babies in her garden, she could hardly wait to pick more of them. The day […]

Dried Cherry-Almond Scones–Bake sale #3

The third item in my bake sale tray: dried cherry-almond scones.  Traditional scones are plain, eaten with jams and clotted cream.  Modernized scones are colorful, with dried fruits, chocolate chunks, fresh fruits, and nuts.  There is nothing wrong of wanting to eat the original flavor, and at other times, the modernized version. The important thing […]

Lemon-Coconut Bread

Quick bread is nothing sort of spectacular for a dessert but even if it posits to be humble, the effect is most often sweet and delectable.  Give way to lemon-coconut bread, made a few days ago because I wanted to escape the ho-hum of everyday chores.  I was in a good mood and had lots […]

Cheesy Potato Corn Scones

The weather has been nice, there’s no rain in the forecast for several days, life has been good, why not baking something cheesy?  :)  I’m going back to baking for fun again and I like it so much, thank you. For a long time I haven’t participated in any blogging events,  that I almost forgot […]