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Glutinous Rice Dumplings in Sweet Ginger Syrup

A warm, comforting dessert in sweet ginger syrup that’s definitely influenced by the Chinese, it’s usually made during the Winter Solstice–it falls today–which is still celebrated by the Chinese-Indonesian families nowadays.  But in my household, we often make them throughout the year because we love this chewy and delicious dessert so much.  Often times, my […]


I have stock photos of some recipes that I made this summer; one of the is this glutinous rice cake cooked in coconut milk with palm sugar or wajik.  This diamond-shaped cake is known as “wajik” in Bahasa Indonesia because it refers to the shape of it, and it’s traditionally made with lots of palm […]

A study in contrast

There was a Marie Claire magazine to read and there was a plate of tape uli ketan hitam to savor.  Marie Claire guided my eyes toward the girlie things in life; clothes, shoes, accessories, all things that are fluid in life.  They keep changing each season. Tape uli ketan hitam moved me in a different […]

Fried Sweet Potato Dumplings

Oh, where has the time gone by?  There has been so much going on in my household that I have not updating this blog recently.  My parents have finally settled in their house, while the transition has not been as easy and smooth as we have expected it, the life routine has caught up with […]

Kue Lopis

Kue Lopis is a traditional Indonesian sweet snack.  It is made of sweet glutinous rice wrapped with banana leaves and boiled until it becomes one solid mass.  Then it is eaten with palm sugar syrup flavored with pandanus and kaffir lime leaves along with steamed shredded coconut.  It sounds complicated huh?  But once one learns […]