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Hot Caramel Apple Cider

Winter weather coming your way?  Do not be afraid.  Arm yourself with apple cider, caramel, and whipped cream; you are ready to battle the nasty weather. This drink is one of the simplest hot drinks to make this season.  What you want from the apple cider is to get one that is fresh, just pressed, […]

My kinda chopped salad

I used to garden, a long while  back when there were only two of us in the house.  I had much time in my hand, and I didn’t know that cooking, baking, and taking food photography would take up my time back then.  So, I channeled my energy and focus on gardening.  Though I didn’t […]

Everybody eats an apple cake

I really shouldn’t post an apple cake when it’s not in season anymore.  Sure, you could always eat apples all-year round nowadays; most of the apples come from growers in Washington states, which is close enough to Oregon that I could say it’s coming from local–meaning Northwest area.  But these photos have been sitting in […]