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Hot Cross Buns

Happy Easter everyone!  It’s such a beautiful Sunday morning and we had this scrumptious hot cross buns for breakfast today.  I know that traditionally these buns are served on Good Friday, but clearly I didn’t plan for Easter week–hung my head shamefully  This year’s Easter is such an easy going day for my family, in […]

Parker House Rolls

Have to try this rolls whenever I see the recipe for Parker House rolls.  I’m imagining soft and fluffy rolls, warm and buttery.  And I’m not disappointed with this recipe.  It’s a bit time-consuming forming this small pillows but of course, any shape will do.  The addition of sea salt at the end is necessary […]

Christmas Stollen

The darkness of winter is closing in and with that, the Christmas of 2011 is almost over.  Last night we had dinner with a family friend; their kids played with mine, the adults talked in front of the fireplace.  It’s the most peaceful moment during the week leading to Christmas.  The food was superb, the […]

Lemon-Coconut Bread

Quick bread is nothing sort of spectacular for a dessert but even if it posits to be humble, the effect is most often sweet and delectable.  Give way to lemon-coconut bread, made a few days ago because I wanted to escape the ho-hum of everyday chores.  I was in a good mood and had lots […]

Flax Seed Bread

Sunday is the day when you’re supposed to take it easy and be relax.  But in reality, it’s most often the day that household chores are done in my household.  My chores were a mile long, barked like a military order:  bake a bread, do laundry, do a quick food photo session, get lunch, help […]

Chocolate Bread Parfait

Would you throw away leftover bread if you’ve known that you could make this heady yet luscious chocolate bread parfait?  I wouldn’t so you shouldn’t either.  I love the idea of using leftover bread which is abundant in Umbrian cuisine; it’s kinda like genoise cake but in a slightly chewy way met chocolate-coffee-rum sauce.  This […]

Cinnamon Swirl Bread

This cinnamon swirl bread is one of many sweet breads I’ve discovered that’s big on flavor yet very easy to make with the aid of a bread machine.  I purposely keep a bread machine just to make bread dough or pizza dough because it never fails to produce any kinds of dough I need.  And […]