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Strawberry-Meyer Lemon Curd Tart

I hope another posting of a variation on lemon curd recipe won’t bore anyone.  But I can’t resist not to whip up extra batch of Meyer lemon curd to make this lovely tart.  It’s late spring, almost summer; local strawberries are just coming in, and Oregon-grown strawberries are red all-around, sweet and juicy.  When the […]

Iced-Lemon Ginger Cookies

Christmas is only two days away.  With it comes a joy in my life; I’ve accomplished my biggest undertaking of the year, helping my parents move to Oregon.  The plan to move was dreamed up years ago but the time has never been right for my parents.  Until at last they decided that this year […]

Lemon-Coconut Bread

Quick bread is nothing sort of spectacular for a dessert but even if it posits to be humble, the effect is most often sweet and delectable.  Give way to lemon-coconut bread, made a few days ago because I wanted to escape the ho-hum of everyday chores.  I was in a good mood and had lots […]