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Strawberry-Meyer Lemon Curd Tart

I hope another posting of a variation on lemon curd recipe won’t bore anyone.  But I can’t resist not to whip up extra batch of Meyer lemon curd to make this lovely tart.  It’s late spring, almost summer; local strawberries are just coming in, and Oregon-grown strawberries are red all-around, sweet and juicy.  When the […]

Bittersweet Truffle Tart

I shared this tart with my Bunco friends a few weeks ago. Rich, chocolaty, and creamy; those three words pretty much summed up the end result. There’s so much to write but I’m still finding the time; it’s been a long week and busy month.  I’ll leave with a recipe to share, though.  Until later. […]

Fresh Calimyrna Figs-Almond Tart

I had an unexpected gifts from my friend last week; her son came up to me and handed me fresh Calimyrna figs in a plastic container.  “From my grandma’s garden,” that’s all he said.  That instant I gushed out thank-yous.  His mom definitely knows my taste and I’m happier to receive these than if she’d […]

Beet Cheese Tart

I used to cook beet dish only for myself; now I have partners in crime, my parents.  They will try my food as well, though I’m not quite sure if they like all of it.  Sometimes what I cook will be too radically different than what they are accustomed to eat.  Take this beet cheese […]